Back to Recording Projects The Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble (With the Concord Singers)

This was one of my most challenging remote recordings. In these live concert situations one must be carefull not to obstruct the view of the performers. In addition, a concert setup isn't always the ideal recording setup. For instance, since the chorus was behind the mandolins, the mandolin mics picked up some of the chorus. I was able to aquire some seperation during mixing by reversing the phase between the mandolin and chorus tracks.

Link to: The Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble:
Link to: The Concord Singers

Click below to hear excerpts of the concert
1_Gloria in Excelsis Deo
3_ Laudamus Te
5_Propter Magnam Gloriam
6_Domine Deus
7_Domine, Fili Unigenite
8_Domine Deus, Agnus Dei
10_Qui Sedes ad Dexteram Patris
12_Cum Sancto Spiritu (Finale)
- Christmas Time Is Here
- Carol Of The Bells
Click to see large view of mic setup