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Recording Projects
Lisa Diaby - Vocalist; Song Writer

Lisa Diaby introduced me to the concept of worldwide music collaboration. In my studio we've recorded Lisa's vocal tracks which were sent, via the web, to record producers in the Caribbean and South Africa.

These clips are large 16 bit wave files so they may take 10 to 20 seconds to download.

Clip 1 Clip 2
<<< Click on the clips (at left) to hear some samples of my
<<< recordings of Lisa.

Clip 1 is a song that I co-wrote with Lisa.
Clip 2 is a beautiful song about Lisa's mom. (Lisa's playing the piano.
Clip 3 is a Brazilian tune. I'm accompanying on classical guitar.
Clip 4 is a Reggae/ Island song. The backing track was createsd by Lisa's Nephew.

*All sound clips are the property of Lisa Diaby and may not be reproduced without her permission.
Clip 3 Clip 4