Len's Guitar Playing Len's Bass Playing
Note that I have provided both a "Wave" and an "MP3" file for each Clip. The Wave file is high, (CD), quality but may take from 1 to 2 minutes to laod. Whereas the MP3 Clip is of a slightly lesser sound quality buy should load right away.
Clip 1: Wave

Classical Guitar:
Note: These were recorded over a period of many years. Differences in recording quality are obvious.

Clip 1: Wave Jazz Quartet:
(Upright Bass)
Clip 1: MP3
Clip 2: Wave A Composition:
I use a steel string acoustic and I've overdubbed two classical guitar tracks.
Clip 2: Wave Jazz Tune:
(Upright Bass)
Clip 2: MP3 Clip 2: MP3
Clip 3: Wave Jazz Guitar:
(I'm playing both rhythm and solo lead.)
Clip 3: MP3 Blues Band :
(Fender Bass)
Clip 3: MP3
Clip 4: Wave Old time, Irish, Traditional:
Most are steel string rhythm and classical on the lead.
Clip 4: MP3 Funky Rock :
(Fender Bass)
Clip 4: MP3
Clip 5: Wave 60's Folk Rock:
I've layered steel string acoustic and various electric guitar tracks.
Clip 5: MP3